Wireless Networks

Karera has designed and built multiple wireless networks across Australia, from IP links including Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point through to Mesh Solutions and SCADA networks.

Karera designed and built one of the largest IP linked radio networks in NSW, comprised of over 35 Point to Multi-Point linked sites, this is one of the many networks we have built and still manage today. We have networks running through multiple states and have been designing complex networks for the Emergency Services and Government sectors for over 35 years.

Wireless networks connect millions of users each year and the benefits of employing a private point to point or point to multipoint solutions include:

  • High-speed wireless internet services between chosen locations
  • Lower cost solutions than standard cable services
  • Communications and data coverage across long stretches of land, like railroad corridors or vast coastlines
  • Linking of standalone sites and mobiles trailers, to connect when needed
  • Backhaul solutions to relay communications and data services across vast sites, like mines sites or National Parks
Karera can design and custom build networks for all your applications. They provide security, reliability, interoperability and customisation at an affordable cost.

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