Rental Radios

Our two-way radio hire option gives you the freedom to have two-way radios at your fingertips, for a fraction of the cost of owning them outright. We have an extensive hire fleet, which will allow you to simply swap and go. We do all the work.

Hiring radios gives you the advantage of not needing to manage your service, you simply let us know what you need and we can customise a hire package for you, including all the accessories you may need. We will then program your private channels, arrange pick-up or delivery, and away you go.

Whether you need a few radios for a one-day event, a fleet of radios over a long period, or you are experiencing an emergency or shutdown and need radios to help with communications, we have the solution.

We hire radios across most industries including, but not limited to, events, security, manufacturing, mining, construction, transport and councils.

Our radios packages include:

  • Portable two-way (multiple brands supplied)
  • Base stations
  • Handheld microphones
  • Batteries, including spares
  • Battery chargers
  • Security style earpieces
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