Manufacturing, like many other sectors, may involve multiple groups of workers completing different tasks. Each of these individual groups needs to be able to communicate effectively within their own work groups and with others in the organisation. They need a reliable radio network to communicate across large areas to ensure productivity, and to keep downtime to a minimum.

Some of the biggest challenges faced in manufacturing plants are high noise areas and communication black spots, caused by the steel building and machinery. Karera designs and installs single and multi-site reliable radio networks to ensure there is little to no down time on site. Safety is essential in manufacturing, and features like man down, lone worker and emergency alerts are also available, to ensure a fast response to any emergency situation.

Some of our manufacturing solutions include:

  • DMR radios and networks
  • Wireless nurse call emergency systems
  • Black spot elimination solutions
  • Noise cancelling radios and accessories
  • Emergency and duress features
  • Waterproof solutions
  • Cellular extenders
  • Indoor GPS tracking
  • Dispatch solutions
  • RFID tracking
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