AIS – Vessel Tracking

Karera works directly with Comar Systems to supply AIS – Automatic Identification Systems to some of Australia’s most well-known organisations.  Comar is one of the largest suppliers of land-based AIS receivers for global asset tracking.  Comar has over 40 years of design and engineering knowledge in the maritime industry. Specialising in AIS transponders, transmitters, receivers, splitters and antennas for marine traffic and intelligence information providers.

Karera has been working with Comar systems for over 10 years, using their extremely reliable products to ensure ship and coastal stations can accurately locate and identify one another.  An AIS transceiver uses VHF radio and GPS technology to communicate with other nearby ships.

An AIS transponder determines its own position, speed and course using a built-in GPS receiver. This information is combined with other important navigation information and is automatically communicated between AIS equipped vessels, without any user interaction

We have a full range of AIS tracking products available on our products page.

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