Press to Talk

PoC stands for Press-to-Talk over Cellular. It is not technically a two-way radio technology but behaves very much like one. Press-to-Talk is the technique of using the cellular phone network to make calls that behave like standard two-way radios, with instant-access and group calls but with the advantage world coverage using the right network/ sims card.

Why choose Press to Talk

  • If you have access to 3G/ 4G or Wi-Fi then you can talk to POC devices around the world by simply pressing a button, no dialling required
  • Unlike mobile phone calls, you push the button and talk. No dialling, virtually instant connection, no waiting for the call to be answered
  • Group calls using Cellular
  • GPS mapping on your PoC device – you track everyone using your PoC network
  • The basic hardware is relatively cheap
  • More often than not the hardware acts as a smart device and a phone, so you truly have a multimode device
  • The monthly subscription cost is similar to that of an app

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