Towers and Masts

With over 35 year’s experience supplying and erecting towers and masts, Karera is your one-stop-shop for all your communication tower and mast needs. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the world, to ensure your towers are custom designed.

No two communication towers are alike. Each project is shaped by the specific requirements of the structure’s location, and how climate, topography and wind speed characteristics need to be accommodated in the recommended design solution. Our experienced partners have the skills to design, create, modify and test each solution before manufacturing commences. Our partners use the latest methods and software in the design of their structures. They ensure each structure undertakes site-specific design analysis and foundation design taking into account key variables including unique ancillary loads, anticipated future loads, site region and topography. All structural analysis is independently checked and certified by third-party engineers to Australian standards.

Our highly experienced team of riggers and installers will then deliver and install your tower to the required specifications and provide all required handover documentation.

As an ISO accredited company, Karera’s team are highly focused on safety. From standard antenna installations, to complete site construction and tower erection. Karera has the knowledge, experience and staff to complete your infrastructure build, repairs and maintenance.

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