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Karera has been working with government organisations, and assisting with their communication systems, since our doors first opened. From providing communication towers and rigging services, right through to networks and handheld devices, we have been there to provide a large range of services.

Working with multiple vendors allows us the flexibility to cater to different government organisational requirements. Karera’s multi-site communication networks can meet the rigorous demand of local government fleet vehicles, which are responsible for the day to day running of local government services. Our portable handheld and mobile in-vehicle radios are rugged, reliable, and offer more than just private, secure communications.

With new digital technological advancements, governments can choose to have multi-mode advanced devices at their fingertips; hybrid smart devices that offer the ideal platform for critical voice communications and broadband data services. Providing a unified communication experience.

Our team of fully qualified Government Radio Network (GRN) technicians are there to provide round the clock network and site services, on the Government Radio Network throughout NSW.

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