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For over 35 years Karera has been one of the leading communications services providers in Australia, one of the few companies who provide service across multiple states. The company has grown exponentially in the last few years to meet the demands of our clients. We have expanded to four locations across NSW and we employ a large highly qualified service team, along with a multitude of statewide sub-contractors, to engineer, build, deploy and maintain two-way radio networks and specialised services.

Our overall performance is based on comprehensive design and quality products, combined with superior workmanship and outstanding customer service. We are committed to the growth of the company and continue to employ highly qualified technicians and specialists, with vast real-world experience. We have an apprenticeship programme which is currently the largest in the industry to ensure we pass along our valuable wealth of knowledge to the next generation and to ensure the longevity of the communications industry.

We have a well-equipped field service fleet with multiple vehicles deployed across NSW and other states. All our staff undertake frequent training and development courses – from our sales and projects staff who train with manufacturers or dealers on the latest technologies and project requirements, to our safety compliance training and risk management courses for our rigging and services staff. We ensure we have the right people with the latest up to date training and qualifications.

With a focus on high-risk works, such as tower construction and tunnel works, our focus on safety is second to none, and our team is fully ISO accredited and committed to both your safety and their own.

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