Security and Events

Whether you are running a large-scale event or simply securing a weekend venue, communication is key. Reliable, clear communication between staff will help you ensure your event runs on time and on schedule.

Instant communication between security staff at large scale events is a must for crowd control, facilities management and emergency situations. Effective communication ensures your staff and guests are kept safe and happy.

Karera’s communication systems and networks have been keeping stadiums and events running for years, from large scales events like the Sydney Olympics networks, right through to single site networks in stadiums and hotels.

Our Press to Talk communications network provides Australia-wide coverage, giving your mobile patrol staff communications and dispatching information anywhere in the country. We have a range of accessories and applications to assist your security staff with communication and tracking, no matter their locations.

Some of our Event and Security solutions include:

  • DMR radios and networks
  • Dispatch solutions
  • RFID tracking
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking applications
  • Noise cancelling radios and accessories
  • Emergency and duress feature
  • Cellular extenders
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