Retail and Consumer

Whether you are running a large multi-levelled shopping complex or smaller local centre, instant communication is key to ensuring security and customer satisfaction.

Shopping complexes have the huge tasks of co-ordinating teams of people to ensure multiple businesses and customers are satisfied; co-ordinating cleaning staff, security, loading docks, retails stores, entertainment areas and restaurants.

No matter the field, reliable instant communication is a must. Security staff need clear and instant voice communications and emergency applications. Cleaning staff need voice communications and RFID tags for job tracking, and retail staff need voice communications to co-ordinate stock.

No matter the requirement, Karera can design and customise an easy to use solution for your venue, so you can focus on keeping your customers safe and satisfied.

Some of our retails and consumer solutions include:

  • DMR radios and networks
  • Emergency systems
  • Black spot elimination solutions
  • Noise cancelling radios and accessories
  • Emergency and duress feature
  • Cellular extenders
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Dispatch solutions
  • RFID tracking
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