Hospitality and Tourism

Whether you are running a large-scale hotel, a cruise ship, an airline or simply a small tour group, instant communication is key. The hospitality industry is a broad industry and each field within this service sector has different communication needs.

Hotels require communications and applications which ensure teams can communicate effectively to improve productivity, customer service and safety. Tour companies need to ensure they are communicating effectively to run on-time services, and track their staff and guests for safety management.

No matter the field, reliable instant communication is a must. Karera can design and customise an easy to use solution for your venue, so you can focus on keeping your customers safe and satisfied.

Some of our Event and Security solutions include:

  • DMR radios and networks
  • Emergency systems
  • Black spot elimination solutions
  • Noise cancelling radios and accessories
  • Emergency and duress feature
  • Waterproof solutions
  • Cellular extenders
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Dispatch solutions
  • RFID tracking
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