PTT Subscriber Services

With PTT (Push to Talk over Cellular or POC) you can manage communications across your entire organisation, using the existing devices your people work with every day. Whether they be mobile phones, tablets or laptops, and adding some rugged radio-like devices to give you Australia-wide PTT communications over cellular.

There has recently been a divide between how companies choose to communicate, either via mobile phone and broadband devices or two-way radios. With the PTT network you no longer need to choose, as these services have now been merged using the PTT platform. There are also multimode devices that can log into a PTT network, broadband service and DMR radio networks.

PTT is designed to offer day to day communications across multiple work platforms, from front of house office staff to field staff, for small, medium and large enterprise customers. It connects your current communication devices onto a single platform and can also provide GPS tracking, dispatch, geofencing and a range of applications to suit.

Karera utilises the Press2Talk secure, high performance 4G Cellular PTT network service in Australia and New Zealand. The managed network gives the option of dual sims for your devices, which optimises the quality of service you receive and ensures calls are connected instantly.

PTT is an intelligent Australia-wide group communication solution for your entire workforce.

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