Emergency Services

The NSW emergency service sector is made up of a group of dedicated organisations whose purpose is to assist the community, during states of emergency. These agencies, their staff, and volunteer members risk their lives to ensure our safety and assist in the recovery process.

They are tasked with fighting fires, saving lives, water rescues, enforcing the law and emergency management; suffice to say they need reliable communication networks. They need instant voice communications to call for reinforcements and to co-ordinate their teams on the ground. They need high speed data to send real time information back to their operations centres and they need satellite to ensure they have back-up communications.

Karera can provide wide area coverage on a large range of digital radio systems. We can provide high speed data via IP linked sites and microwaves, and we supply satellite equipment and networks, to ensure all your communications needs are covered.

Some of our emergency service solutions include:

  • DRM networks and radio
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Data applications
  • Cellular extenders
  • Satellite devices
  • AIS tracking
  • Heavy duty accessories

We provide 24/7 call outs and monitoring, to assist in the event of a network error, in times of real emergency.

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