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Radio Hire Contract for Portable Radios

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the hire and use of portable two-way radios from Karera Communications Pty Ltd.

    1. The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the equipment during the period of hire covered by this contract. Equipment lost during the course of a hire will be charged to the hirer at current retail price, including GST.
    2. The Hirer agrees to take all due care to ensure the hired equipment continues to operate in a safe manner.
    3. The Hirer agrees to indemnify Karera Communications Pty Ltd against any unauthorised use of the equipment.
    4. The Hirer agrees to ensure the equipment does not interfere with or cause interference to third party equipment.
    5. The Hirer agrees to ensure the used frequencies are duly licensed for such use and at such location as the license indicates.
    6. The Hirer agrees not to modify, interfere with or alter the hired equipment; all required alterations will be effected by Karera Communications Pty Ltd.
    7. The Hirer agrees that the duration of this agreement is as noted in Schedule 1 of this agreement and all monies owed are duly paid by agreed account terms of the hired equipment in use which is the termination of this agreement.
    8. The Hirer agrees that in the case of default by the Hirer in payment or observance of this agreement, Karera Communications Pty Ltd may, by written notice to the hirer, terminate this agreement without prejudice to their right to any sums accrued due at the date of termination.
    9. No Verbal agreements shall be considered valid if at variance with the terms and conditions expressed in this agreement and any alterations to the terms of this agreement must be in writing and received by an authorised person from Karera Communications Pty Ltd.
More Information
Additional Information All pricing is plus GST
All hires will be supplied with a charger per radio. Each radio will have an antenna, belt clip and battery attached
If additional accessories are required they need to be requested on the form
Radios must be returned on the date specified or hire charges will apply until such date the radios are returned