Hytera Dual-Mode Intelligent Terminal PTC680 (TETRA+LTE)

All Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development. DMO, TETRA AIE, SCK OTAR and TETRA E2EE licences available on request - Contact our sales team for a quote
*Band available: 350-475MHz *Please specify the band with your order
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Brand Hytera
Specifications Features
• Compact and Light Weighted
- Only 325g in weight, easy to carry and wear
- Palm-fitted 6cm in width and single-hand friendly
- 5 programmable keys provide more shortcut operations
• Full Trunking Functions
- Support all TETRA services
- Support group call, broadcast call, DGNA, packet data, authentication, over-the-air encryption and end-to-end encryption
• Solid and rugged
- IP68 rated, impervious to water penetration to a depth of 2m for 4 hours
- 1.5m drop test qualified
- ESD IEC Level 4 certified
- MIL-STD-810G certified
• Crystal Clear Audio
- Enlarged front chamber (patented) and professional acoustic design to provide up to 128dB of loudness
- Multi-mic Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation and Wind Noise Suppression technologies to ensure the voice is loud and clear in noisy environments
• All-round Security Assurance
- Signature authentication, safe access strategy, sensitive data blocking and system launching check to secure system safety
- Authentication, E2EE, AIE, secondary-developed encryption to secure communicate safety
- Full disk encryption, encryption key and license to secure data storage
- Smart MDM to remotely manage radios, including parameters configuration, feature control etc.
• Advanced Global Positioning
- Use five GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to make quick and accurate positioning in open outdoor areas
- Together with LBS (Location-based Service) or WiFi to record and track user or device locations
• Complete Control via Smart MDM
- Remotely manage the radios in batch which saves 95% of time compared with wired programming
- Many other important services for example software upgrades, feature and application permissions are also contained to comprehensively manage and control your radios
• Powerful Broadband Voice Services
- Provide Mission Critical Services (MCS) and Commercial PoC (C-PoC) services
- MCS is a PMR characterized talk solution deployed over public networks to provide stable and reliable PTT communication, high-speed data applications and multimedia services
- C-PoC is another solution over public networks that also provides high-quality audio and video services, instant messaging
What's in the Box • Radio 1pc
• Antenna 1pc
• Smart Li-ion battery (2400 mAh) 1pc
• Switching Power Adapter 1pc
• Smart Charger(CH20L13) 1pc
• Belt Clip(BC39) 1pc
• Leather Strap 1pc
• Color Circle 3pc
• Documentation Kit 1pc