IC-M85E Icom VHF Marine Handheld


Compact and Lightweight

  • The IC-M85E is the most compact (W×H×D: 56 × 92 × 29 mm) and lightweight (weight: 246 g (with BP-290, FA-SC58V and MBB-3)) commercial grade marine and land mobile hybrid radio in the world*. As of November 2017, researched by Icom.

Covering 136–174 MHz PMR Frequency

  • In addition to VHF marine channels, the IC-M85E covers 136–174 MHz PMR channels. Up to 100 programmable channels are available for PMR use. Each channel is programmable with CTCSS and DTCS tone.

700mW Powerful Audio

  • Despite its compact body, the IC-M85E delivers 700mW of loud audio. Clear communications is vital in noisy environments.

Private Conversation

  • The radio has a built-in Voice Scrambler and provides private communication between stations (32-code, compatible with UT-112 voice scrambler unit)

Automated Emergency Alarm

  • The IC-M85E has three emergency related functions: the MOB Alarm, Man Down and Lone Worker functions. If one of these functions are activated, the radio automatically makes an emergency alarm.

Instant Operation with Multi-Function Button

  • Channel group changing (Marine PMR) or the scrambler function ON/OFF can be assigned in the multi-function button on the top panel*. The Key lock function can be activated by holding the button.

IP67 and MIL-STD Rugged Construction

  • The IC-M85E is built durable to endure 1 m submersion for 30 minutes and dust-tight protection. The radio also passes MIL-STD-810 specifications

And More

  • ­AquaQuake™ prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker
  • ­Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation
  • ­14 hours of long battery life (TX: RX: Standby=5:5:90.)
  • ­5 W output power
  • ­The self-check function checks internal temperature, and connected battery voltage (over voltage detection)
  • ­Monitor function ­Priority scan function
  • ­Dual/Tri-watch function for monitoring CH16 and/or call channel
  • ­Favourite channel function for quick access to often used channels
More Information
Brand Icom


• Frequency coverage: 156.000–161.450 MHz (TX Marine) | 156.000–163.425 MHz (RX Marine) | 136.000–174.000 MHz (PMR)
• Channel Spacing: 25kHz (Marine) | 25/12.5KHz (PMR)
• Type of Emissions: 16K0G3E (Marine) | 16K0F3E/8K50F3E 14K0F3E/8K50F3E (PMR)
• Power Supply Requirement: 7.2V DC nominal
• Current Drain (Approximate): 1.5A (TX at 5W) | 0.45A (RX Max audio)
• Operating Temperature Range: –15 °C to +55 °C (Marine) | –25 °C to +55 °C (PMR)
• Dimensions (WxHxD) (Projections not included): 56 × 92 × 29 mm (With BP-290)
• Weight (approximate): 246 g (with BP-290, FA-SC58V and MBB-3)


• Output power at 7.2V: 5/3/1W
• Max frequency deviation: ±5.0 kHz (Wide) | ±2.5 kHz (Narrow)
• Frequency Stability: ±1.5 kHz
• Spurious emissions: 0.25μW (≤2 GHz) | 1.0μW (>2 GHz)
• Residual modulation: 40 dB (Wide) | 34 dB (Narrow)
• Audio harmonic distortion: 10% (at 60% deviation)
• Modulation limiting: 60–100% of maximum deviation


• Sensitivity (at 20 dB SINAD): –4dBμ emf typical (Wide) | –2dBμ emf typical (Narrow)
• Adjacent channel selectivity: 70 dB (Wide) | 60 dB (Narrow)
• Spurious response: 70dB
• Intermodulation: 68dB (Marine) | 65dB (PMR)
• Hum and noise: 40 dB (Wide) | 34 dB (Narrow)
• Audio output power: 700mW typical (10% distortion at 1 kHz)
What's in the Box • BP-290 battery pack
• BC-227 rapid charger
• BC-123SV AC adapter
• FA-SC58V antenna
• MBB-3 belt clip