IC-M801E ICOM MF/HF SSB Radio Telephone Long Range

  • ITU Class E DSC for non-solas vessels. When used with the optional antenna tuner, AT-141, and the OPC-1465 cable, the IC-M801E meets Class E DSC standards.
  • 4×8-inch remote controller design matches to Icom VHF radios, IC-M601 or M505
  • Large LCD with full dot-matrix characters
  • Built-in DC-DC power converter provides 13.6V DC either from 12V DC or 24V DC, depending on version.
  • Digital IF filter provides flexible filter setting for narrow mode operation
  • Stable 125W* (PEP) of output power (* 4.0–27.5MHz)
  • Optional antenna tuner, AT-141, with bypass function
  • 5–29.999MHz continuous receive coverage
More Information
Brand Icom


• Type of emission: J3E (USB/LSB*), J2B (AFSK), F1B (FSK, DSC), A1A* (CW), H3E* (AM) * LSB, A1A, H3E modes are receive only
• Number of channels: 1205 (max.) (160 programmable channels; 249 ITU SSB duplex; 124 ITU SSB simplex; 662 ITU FSK duplex; 10 Semi/auto channels)
• Antenna impedance: 50Ω (SO-239×2)
• Power supply requirement: 12V version 10.8V–15.6V DC (floating ground) | 24V version 21.6V–31.2V DC (floating ground)
• Current drain: Tx Max. power 60A/30A (12V/24V version) | Rx Max. audio Less than 6.0A/3.0A (12V/24V version)
• Operating temp. range: –15°C to +55°C
• Frequency stability: ±10Hz (Approx. 5 min. after battery connection)
• Dimensions (Projections not included): Main unit 367(W)×95(H)×260(D)mm | Controller (RC-25E) 220(W)×110(H)×84.4(D)mm | Speaker (SP-24E) 110(W)×110(H)×84.4(D)mm
• Weight: Main unit 8.5kg | Controller (RC-25E) 570g | Speaker (SP-24E) 370g


• Output power (With AT-141): 1.6–3.999MHz 85W PEP | 4.0–27.500MHz 125W PEP
• Spurious emissions: 43dB below peak output power
• Carrier suppression: 40dB below peak output power
• Unwanted sideband: 55dB below peak output power (With 1kHz AF input; at Max. power)
• Microphone connector: 8-pin connector (2.4kΩ)


• Sensitivity (at 20dB SINAD; emf): 0.5–29.9999MHz More than 70dB
• Spurious response rejection: DSC More than 70dB (except 1⁄2 2nd IF image)
• Audio output power (at 12/24V DC): 4.0W typical at 10% distortion with a 4Ω load
• Clarity variable range: ±150Hz
• Headphone connector: 3-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1⁄8")
• Speaker connector: 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1⁄8") /4Ω
What's in the Box • Separate cable, OPC-1466
• External speaker, SP-24E
• Handset, HS-98
• GPS plugs
• Mounting bracket
• DC power cables
• Spare fuses