AV400 Heavy Duty Commercial GRP Antenna

This omni-directional antenna has been specifically designed so that the user can dedicate one antenna for the narrowband frequency specified for AIS (Automatic Identification System). Using a dedicated antenna helps to eliminate interference from nearby VHF channels.
More Information
Brand Comar
Specifications Features
• Omnidirectional
• Designed for AIS
• Rugged GRP Tube
• Closed cell foam and expoy resin sealed
• Supplied complete with 2 mast clamps
• Watertight

• Weight:1.6 kg
• Dimensions:L 1.6 m
• Mounting:Mast Clamps
• Construction:GRP
• Finish:White
• Sections:1

• Antenna Impedance: 50 Ω
• Cable:1m of RG-213 cable
• Connections: N jack

• Frequency range: 161.975 - 162.025 MHz
• Gain: 3dBi
• VSWR:<1.5:1 at resonance

• IP Rating: IP67
• Operating Temp: -15°C to +55°C
• Compass: Safe Distance 50 cm