AV300 Fibreglass VHF Antenna With Universal Base

This Commercial Marine VHF Antenna is made from a GRP fibreglass construction, capable of withstanding the worst elements at sea or on land. All the antennas in this series offer excellent bandwidth/VSWR characteristics within the frequency range of 156 – 162 MHz. All antennas in this series are suitable for GMDSS installations.
More Information
Brand Comar
Specifications Features
• White, tapered fibreglass tube
• Cast aluminium integral base with whiteglass finish and ‘U’ bolts
• Mounts on both horizontal and vertical poles
• 10m RG-58 cable with BNC connector

• Weight: 570 g approx. Shipping weight: 900 g approx.
• Dimensions: 1.5m Total length
• Mounting: Horizontal / Vertical Pole*
• Construction: GRP Fiberglass, brass element

• Antenna Impedance: 50 Ω
• Polar Radiation: 360° Omnidirectional
• Polarization: Vertical
• Power Rating: 150w
• Cable: 10m RG-58 cable with BNC connector
• Connections: BNC connector

• Frequency range: Spot Freq set Between 156-162MHz
• Gain: 3dBi
• VSWR: <1.5:5 at resonant point
• Bandwidth: +/- 5% @ 2:1