Hytera Dual-Mode Intelligent Terminal PDC760 (DMR+LTE)

All Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development.
Advanced Digital Encryption available on request - Contact our sales team for a quote
*Band available: 136-174MHz, 350-527MHz
*Please specify the band with your order
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Brand Hytera
Specifications Features
• Full DMR Trunking
- Support all DMR trunking features
- Provide comprehensive trunking services including group call, broadcast call, DGNA, packet data, authentication, over-the-air encryption, end-to-end encryption, etc.
• Powered by Android
- The android powered PDC760 has various custom apps
- The standard android API enables diverse adaptability and customization of different industry apps to build up a mobile office automatic platform
• Intuitive Large Screen
- The PDC760 has a 4-inch large screen with widget layout, which is intuitive to obtain critical information and easy to use
• Dual HD cameras
- Both the front and the rear cameras are 13MP
- The entirely new cameras offer high quality images and support 4K video taking
- Benefiting from high definition camera, video talk is also available in mission critical
• Vehicle installation
- Install the car-kit in the vehicle to fix the radio and set up a mobile platform with a suite of accessories
• All-round Security Assurance
- Signature authentication, safe access strategy, sensitive data blocking and system launching check to secure system safety
- Authentication, E2EE, AIE, secondary-developed encryption to secure communicate safety
- Full disk encryption, encryption key and license to secure data storage
- Smart MDM to remotely manage radios, including parameters configuration, feature control etc.
• Complete Control via Smart MDM
- Remotely manage the radios in batch which saves 95% of time compared with wired programming
- Many other important services for example software upgrades, feature and application permissions are also contained to comprehensively manage and control your radios
What's in the Box • Radio 1pc
• Antenna 1pc
• Smart Li-ion battery (2900 mAh) 1pc
• Switching Power Adapter 1pc
• Smart Charger(CH20L08) 1pc
• Belt Clip(BC30) 1pc
• Nylon Strap 1pc
• Colour Circle 4pc
• Documentation Kit 1pc