The MT600G features a 66 channel GPS receiver with top mounted Quad helix antenna, which means locating the beacon is faster and more accurate than non-GPS EPIRBs. In an emergency, being found quickly could save the lives of you and your crew.

Compact and lightweight, the MT600 is easy to install on any vessel utilising the specially designed quick release mounting bracket. The MT600 features zero warm-up digital technology and an automatically deployed antenna.

Certified by Cospas-Sarsat for worldwide usage, and boasting a 10 year battery life, the MT600 represents great value for such an important piece of emergency equipment.

More Information
Brand GME
Specifications • Made in Australia
• 66 Channel GPS Receiver
• Compact, Lightweight, Easy to Mount Design
• Cospas-Sarsat Worldwide Certification
• 48 Hour Minimum Operating Time
• High-intensity Solid State Strobe Light
• 10 Year Battery Life
Warranty 6 Year Warranty